Although installation can be done rather quickly, quality is our #1 priority. Our installers take their time to ensure a quality installation of your new synthetic lawn. The first step is the compaction of the existing soil, followed by the installation of a compacted, approximately 2″ sub-base which would consist of either decomposed granite, crushed granite, or pea gravel depending on the circumstances. The sub-base and the perforated backing allow for proper drainage. The turf is then cut, laid into place, and properly secured with 8″ or 10″ galvanized nails on the edges and the field. The final step is to deeply tuck the edges and infill the blade with a quality, recommended type of infill.

DURAFILL is the latest technology in infill systems. Unlike silica sand and rubber, DURAFILL is non-absorbent, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. These attributes translate into external elements not being absorbed into the infill product itself, such as animal urine. DURAFILL also does not degrade or compact over time as rubber does.

Technical Data
Chemical Composition: 99.6% Silicone Dioxide; Iron Oxide & Acrylic
>Dust < 0.1%
Angle of Response: < 30° Deg
Flammability: NON-Flammable
Size: 1.0mm
Melting Point: 2,880° C
Roundness: >6+
Hardness: .6 – 8. Mohs Scale

The following are some of the many benefits of DURAFILL:

Animal urine and other external elements are not absorbed which eleminates building bacterial spores within the infill product. DURAFILL does not degradate over time and does not need repeated applications. DURAFILL does not become blistering hot in the heat which would otherwise cause more heat by transfer to the synthetic grass. DURAFILL is environmentally safe and does not contain silica dust, zinc or other heavy metals.

Tests Durafill Rubber
Microbiological Analysis & Absorption (Spore Growth After Contamination) .007% or Negligible 81.82%
Abrasiveness ASTM1015 17 31.9
Flammability Test 1.02 <.22
Radient Panel ATSME – 648 NFPA253 & FTM372 Best Possible Will Not Pass
Shoe Traction ATSM F1551
(Dry Football) .86 .81
(Wet Football) .80 .72
Sunlight Test (Temp. After 250W Heat Lamp 30 min) 93.62° F 141.88° F
Heavy Metal Test (Method 6010 & 7470) None Heavy Metals Zinc
API Turbidity Test for Dust 23.5 335

Current infills being used: Durafill, ATD, Rubber, Sand, Green Rubber